On behalf of the team here at LYNX Innovation, let me be the first to welcome you to our online journal. About twice a month our team of experts will bring you insight into the world of retail experience, from opportunity through store execution. This insight, along with our perspective, is aimed at informing and inspiring you.

Inspiration is foundational to our mission as we aim to forge meaningful connections. It is important that our team is inspired to create solutions that matter. At LYNX, we are inspired by our constantly changing world, the challenges we face on behalf of our clients, the ideas our innovative team comes up with daily, and a future that is evergreen with possibility.

The path to inspiring others begins with being curious and well informed. It is imperative that we understand shoppers, brands, and retailers to create solutions that are meaningful and relevant to the marketplace. Curiosity plus experience produces expertise.

Being in the connection business may sound like we are dealing with online dating or greeting cards, but our forte is connecting shoppers and brands in the world of tangible and memorable retail experiences. We create meaning that goes beyond a simple transaction. Shoppers want an in-store experience that is informative, makes their buying decision easier, and is delightful. This leads to meaningful connections when it’s done well. Shoppers return to stores and are loyal to brands they feel connected with.

With this journal our hope is that you get to know us better and learn more about how we can help you create better retail experiences.



Chris Weigand is Vice President of creative services at LYNX Innovation, a global experience company. Our vision is to be the preeminent experts in products, services, and experiences for human engagement. Contact us today to find out how our expert team can help you inspire and connect with your audience.