Our Challenge

Develop a dynamic, flexible display system that leverages the success of the Ring Doorbell launch.  The winning solution will accommodate the introduction and updating of complementary products such as flood lights, sick-up cameras, and security systems and be adaptable for any global retailer.  The displays need to inform & educate the Ring brand story as well as the features and benefits of their products. 


Through months of partnership with Ring executive leaders, we landed on a new in-store brand standard and that could be conveyed across all marketing platforms.  This was a defining moment for the brand and the launching point for the Ring 2.0 Global Display Program. 

We partnered with Ring to develop a robust catalog of displays that could be deployed globally. We began this work utilizing inherent knowledge of the global retail requirements including dimensions, electrical certifications and logistics challenges.  We then developed the universal platform and product saddles that would allow Ring to interchange any of their products with simple bracket attachments, and templated artwork to fit around each product to allow for consistent education. Each saddle location could be swapped for a powered or non-power product or educational panel (saddle). This allowed for the use of simple graphic messaging, mock devices, or a full technology package that included touch screens for further engagement, motion sensors to activate content and light Ring branding.

This created a simple, modular, upgradable system that could be sold into all retail channels, and configured to order, all while keeping the branding and messaging consistent no matter what size or scale is deployed. We also worked through all appropriate channels to certify the program for use in North America, Central America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. To date, we have successfully designed, manufactured, and deployed over six thousand units across North America to all mass and club retailers. Over three thousand units deployed in Europe and two thousand units for the rest of the world including a 2022 launch in Japan.