Our Challenge

As a preferred supplier to The Home Depot, LYNX was tasked to help recreate the Smart Lighting experience in-store. Philips, the lead brand, required our team to work collaboratively with Google, Nanoleaf, and The Home Depot to ensure all requirements were being met. The existing bay was non demonstrable and lacked sound information on features and benefits of smart lighting for shoppers, leaving them to wonder why the added expense to step up to smart lighting.  Additionally, the current solution was not modular, making it difficult to update marketing stories for the brands involved.  


We started by storyboarding the desired shopper engagement, seeking to make the experience more holistic, and looked to leverage technology to assist and support our storytelling. We developed a visual communication strategy to attract shoppers from 30’ and inform from 1’ away. We determined what and how we would need to maintain and support the fixture & technology for updates and refreshes. That combination of visual communication, interactive engagement, and updated accessibility helped lay the groundwork needed in creating the physical and aesthetic attributes of the fixture itself. 

The new display was designed with a modular eight-position system. The Home Depot was provided with the ability to share its overarching smart lighting story, and the brands were provided areas to tell their more specific story. Products were planogrammed for consistency in color and location, providing the shopper with an engaging experience that leads directly to easy access to the product and, a sale. Overall, the fixture features a dynamic and cohesive interactive experience that includes video, sound, and live product demonstrations. This ideology added a new level of consistency for The Home Depot and brands that would spread to other categories such as thermostats and electric door locks.

We worked collaboratively with The Home Depot, Google, Philips and Nanoleaf to provide a seamless experience that educated and engaged consumers in making the right decision. The fixture has been installed in over five hundred doors and sets in just under an hour. Refreshes and updates are easily deployed, access is from the front, and no disassembly is required.