Our Challenge

Develop a lower-cost, modular, configurable display alternative for Channel Marketing teams to display any of the products under the Amazon house of brands.  This includes Alexa, Fire TV, Eero, and Blink. An added challenge was the historical process, cost, and availability of stained wood components in the brand guidelines.


With cost and sustainability being key drivers, LYNX developed a substitution for the wood components developing a new method of applying heat transfer wrap to metal. This process allowed customization of the woodgrain and tone in an exact color match to the currently utilized wood components.  In addition, the paper material being applied held the brands sustainability promise, as the wrap would burn off in the recycling process without emitting any harmful chemicals or emissions. This process allowed for the look and feel of wood at a significantly lower cost and considerably more efficient supply chain. 

The final solution is predominantly metal, with updateable product plates and graphics, flexibly designed to be configured as ordered across all Amazon brands. Each plate includes a universal hole pattern used with each product line to affix each product to the plate. Channel Marketing has the flexibility to select a fixture size (1ft, 2ft, 3ft, or 4ft) and customize to product line based on retailer needs.  When new products are launched, updateable product plates and graphics are delivered to retailers or 3rd party labor to easily swap out a closed-out product for a new product introduction. 

Our solution resulted in a 45% cost savings across historical Amazon display products and a reduction in delivery times by over 50%. Today, we have deployed over 5000 units to retailers such as Kohls, AAFES and Bed Bath and Beyond, with more deployments scheduled for 2023. Additional units have been deployed in Canada and Mexico