Welcome to Lynx Innovation. We are the possibility engineers. Too often, a brilliant idea is discarded because designers believe it’s not possible. And often, we’re the ones who pull that crumpled up idea out of the wastebasket and say “What if?” And then from the raw material of that dream, we create reality, every day.

We are engineers, technologists, manufacturers, and supply chain experts all focused on creating the greatest retail experiences on earth, one display at a time.

Founded in 2002, Lynx Innovation is a collective of world-class thought leaders with expertise in the areas of engineering, rapid prototyping, materials sourcing, consumer engagement, global supply chain management and customer service with locations in New Zealand, China, California, Minnesota, Texas, and New Jersey.

While our primary focus is the engineering and manufacture of innovative world class retail displays, it also includes innovative efficiencies, cost controls, timeline management and in-the field service.

We’ve been the worst kept secret in retail for over 15 years.

Through simple word-of-mouth, we have earned the privilege to service the world’s largest and most significant brands and retailers by being nimble, scalable, and focused on exceeding customer’s expectations.