Passing through the stringent criteria of the RFI, RFQ and RFP process, Lynx Innovation was awarded the global rollout of an emerging consumer electronics Brand. In deep collaboration with the customer, Lynx Innovation worked through the nuances of electronic and mechanical engineering to develop a scaleable design that met the needs of retail stores within the North American, LATAM, EMEIA and APAC regions.

Since Lynx Innovation owned its own manufacturing facility Jiaxing, China, the typical oversea delays that some customers experience when engaging display companies did not apply. No middle men or brokers, the Brand was able to engage with all facets of the production. Visiting the Lynx Innovation facility, the Brand spoke with the engineers, metal workers, in house graphics printers, project managers and others to ensure that the design would be able to withstand the "use and abuse" that retail fixtures receive from consumers.

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Flexibility. Adaptability. Pretty much any -ability.

Details that could rapidly scale mattered. Fixtures were not able to be one size fits all. Regional implementations required versioning for the channels. From fixture height, width and depth, the Brand needed to adapt to retailer needs and it was critical for Lynx Innovation to do the same.

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Going big. Going fast. Going around the world.

Scale was unprecedented. Deploying into retailers with store counts well in excess of 1,000 and planogram resets dates that were prescriptive and narrow, the Brand needed to secure over 50,000 linear feet of coveted shelf space in short order. Balancing speed and cost, an ocean based supply chain was designed and implemented to move the fixtures from China to the world.

Delivering on expectations. Delivering on deadline. Delivering, period.

Retailers rapidly embraced the fixture and orders flowed. The first chain of stores to accept the fixtures required over 1800 stores to be delivered and installed within a seven day window. The ocean shipment of over 30 containers embarked on the 10 day sailing from Shanghai to Long Beach. All stores were delivered and installed on time.

Victims of our own success. In the best way possible.

Demand increased beyond expectations as more and more retailers wanted to take advantage of the emerging Brand and the impact it was having on the overall category. Lynx Innovation now had to push unprecedented scale and begin the planning for RMA support and maintenance. Ensuring that replacement parts were available for third party maintenance vendors to use was a task that wasn't taken lightly. RMA goods were deployed in the regions for the demand that retail "wear and tear" presents.

Trusted partners grow together.

The partnership between the Brand and Lynx Innovation continued to deepen. Operating in the background, Lynx Innovation worked to ensure the Brand was ready for CES, IFA and other key shows throughout the year. It was paramount that Lynx Innovation was nimble in supporting the Brand regardless of where they were needed. The role of Trusted Advisor began to take shape.

The global deployment was completed within an amazing seven month period. Over 30,000 fixtures of various shapes and sizes were secure on retail shelves in time for the holiday shopping season enabling the Brand to achieve record market share.

The fixtures are now in their fourth year of deployment and are still presenting the Brand experience to thousands of consumers each day.

It’s only impossible until you figure out how to do it.

Those of us that completed this journey, look back on it with a true sense of pride. We laugh sometimes and recall the phrase once said by a team member... "We never knew what we were doing was impossible until we we were done achieving what we set out to do."

This case study is not a one time event for Lynx Innovation. Brands now reach out to us on a regular basis to use our amazing global team to make the magic happen for them.

It's what we do.

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